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Michigan individual
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Your teeth deserve the best dental insurance possible!

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Michigan Individual Dental Plans

Get Affordable, Quality Dental Insurance From Guardian


With Guardian, you have access to one of the largest, national, dental networks — with over 114,000 dentists in over 319,000 locations**.


The best way to save is by seeing a dentist in Guardian’s vast network. Dentists participating in the Guardian network charge discounted fees, with an average savings of 35%!


Good dental coverage should save you money. Depending on the Guardian plan you choose, preventive care such as check-ups and cleanings may cost you little or nothing at all! Plus, you’ll also save money on more costly and unexpected treatments like root canals and crowns.

PPO Plans:
  • Get most services, including: oral exams, cleanings and x-rays covered at 100%.
  • Have more choices and flexibility among the dentists you select.
  • You may also be covered if you choose a dentist outside our vast network of over 114,000 providers.
  • Access to plans that have offer more savings and increased annual maximums the longer you stay in the plan.
**Source: Guardian, March 2016 Reporting

See how you can save money when you see a dentist in Guardian’s network.

The average cost of a root canal, associated dental work and crown:

Cost with No
Dental Insurance
Cost with Guardian
Dental Insurance
Estimated Saving with a
Guardian In-​Network Dentist
*Source for cost of root canal/​crown: 2014 Guardian Reporting; this is an estimate only and prices differ based on location and dentist.

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