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Why Guardian, Premier Access and Access Dental are smart choices for your dental insurance.

For over 155 years, Guardian has been providing high-quality insurance products to more than 20 million Americans.

With our subsidiaries, Premier Access and Access Dental, we’re one of the largest dental insurance providers in the nation with over 7 million dental members and over 114,000 dentists in our network.

Because Guardian is a mutual company, we’re owned by our policyholders—every single one of them! That means their needs are our one and only priority.

We do the right thing

There’s no right way to a do a wrong thing. That’s been our philosophy since day one. It’s a simple, yet profound principle, and it makes all the difference in how we do business.

People count

People are at the heart of everything we do. Individuals, families and business owners put their trust in us to protect the people who matter to them. And we make it a point never to forget that.

We hold ourselves to very high standards

The people who put their trust in us expect a lot from us. We try to exceed every expectation by performing to the highest standards to make sure we live up to that trust.

Our strategy & mission is grounded in responsibility

As a mutual insurer, we have the ability to make business decisions that will benefit the company over the long term, not Wall Street’s short-term, quarter-to-quarter demands. We follow a conservative risk management philosophy, avoiding overly risky investments and resisting market fads in favor of proven strategies designed to build our capital and protect our financial strength.

The Guardian, Premier Access and Access Dental Advantage

With our dental coverage, you get access to a large network and comprehensive coverage at a great value. From routine checkups and cleanings, to x-​rays, fillings, crowns and fluoride treatments, we’ve got you covered. Best of all, when you keep your medical and dental plans separate, your dental benefits can be more robust and offer greater savings.

More reasons to consider Guardian, Premier Access and Access Dental insurance plans

You’ll save money. There are no sign-​up fees, and we offer affordable rates. Plus, our dentists can help you save up to 35% on the dental care you need.

The average cost of a root canal, associated dental work and crown:

Cost with No
Dental Insurance
Cost with Guardian
Dental Insurance
Estimated Saving with a
Guardian In-​Network Dentist
*Source for cost of root canal/​crown: 2014 Guardian Reporting; this is an estimate only and prices differ based on location and dentist.

You get a choice of plans. Depending on where you live you may be able to choose between a PPO and a DHMO plan. Our PPO gives you the option to see any dentist, while our DHMO may offer greater savings but you must see the dentist you selected in our network.

It’s easy and hassle-​free. Guardian, Premier Access and Access Dental makes dental insurance simple. We offer many services right online, including an easy-​to-​use provider search tool and a digital bill payment option. Plus, there are no claim forms to deal with and our customer service is all about you. Even better, we pay claims quickly and accurately, in less than two days on average.

With Guardian, Premier Access and Access Dental enrollment is always quick and easy… so easy you can start here with just one click.

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